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Termite Eradication

Termite Treatment Services

Control, Prevention, Eradication

Termites don’t present a serious threat, until you realise that the foundations of your home have been ruined by an inconspicuous invader!

Our end-to-end termite control, prevention and eradication programs have been perfected to a ‘T’ and cater to all Business Owners and Home Owners and their families. With two decades of residential and commercial termite eradication under our belts and the most precise and effective modern technology at our disposal, our service provides you with efficient and professional solutions to serious pest problems. 

Termite control can come in the form of preventive measures, or an eradicative approach if termites are already present. 


Using the infrared thermal imaging and bore scope cameras, detailed termite inspections enable our fully qualified technicians to model termite eradication programs to suit your property with precision. 

Using liquid barriers to stem the spread of termites we enclose termite colonies, which can be made up of several hundred or several million insects. We also utilize chemical and physical termite barrier technologies, such as plasmite physical termite barriers, depending on the property and infestation in question.

Prevention & Control

At Hervey Bay & Maryborough Pest Control we offer you a guaranteed termite prevention service based on hands-on experience and our pride in keeping you and your family free and safe from pests. 

It is worth noting that termite damage is not usually covered by standard home insurance, and monetary losses from termite damage can be significant sometimes resulting in the loss of entire buildings. 

That is where our pride of service offers you the greatest possible solutions to termite and pest problems, for the most competitive prices. 
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